Vicky Smith

What measures are your organisation taking to create a more inclusive culture? 

“Finding more flexible ways of working, which the pandemic has definitely fast tracked. People now realise you can successfully hold meetings without being in the same room. We are also creating communities for different groups of employees formed around a shared interest or common goal, known as Affinity Groups, which will help empower a change within our working cultures. This will also help people understand that a more diverse workforce has its benefits and how to think about this when recruiting."

What do you think the biggest challenges facing working women today are?

"Believing they can do it all. Men have typically risen to senior positions because they have had to take on less of the responsibilities at home and with the children - therefore, able to use their time to focus on work. Women are now beginning to take on more senior roles, whilst usually still carrying out most of the tasks at home. In the words of a friend, “I may not be executing it all but I'm still organising it all.”