Jo Wilkins

What measures are your organisation taking to create a more inclusive culture? 

“We are on a journey at AIUK to continue to create more inclusive working environments. We have just launched our Affinity Groups  which are employee networks formed around a shared interest or common goal. Bringing people with shared experiences together to amplify their voices is a great way to help to influence change and to help groups who are underrepresented feel heard and be seen!”

What do you think the biggest challenges facing working women today are?

"We need to make sure women don’t become an obstacle for other women. The best part of my role as a leader in construction is helping other women progress, seeing women take the lead from me, standing at the side of me or working their way through a business, hopefully being helped by me, is exciting and we should keep helping each other up. No one woman's story or path to success is the same, we have a shared history and we share many challenges, we need to stand together to help be part of the change."