Claire Horsfall

As a leader what changes would you like to see in the working world over the next 5 years?

“Our customers and end users are just as diverse as the world we live in. In order to succeed, I really believe we need to bring more different viewpoints to the table, and then make sure that everybody feels able to bring their unique perspectives, experiences and curiosity to the table. For this to happen, we all need to be prepared to ask the difficult questions and open our minds to (sometimes uncomfortable) new responses, and then together, respectfully build on each other’s thinking”

What are the biggest challenges facing working women today? 

“There are still stereotypes about how successful people behave at work - strong, loud, challenging, having all the best ideas themselves, rising to senior positions and directing the teams around them. Quite often, working women will find this uncomfortable and lean towards a more participative and relationship-oriented workplace. In many workplaces, this can lead to not being noticed or credited with their work and I think it's important that everyone is recognised for what they achieve, how they influence, support and cooperate with others”.