Age Affinity

Our objective is to help support colleagues during all stages of their careers within Aggregate Industries, ensuring that age never becomes a barrier. We will promote fairness and equality for all ages, represent all ages through our communications, provide further support for those considering retirement and help to ensure that age does not limit progression.

"I originally joined the AGE affinity group as I thought it was a great chance to make a difference. Listening to the group during our kick off meeting, their experiences and why they chose to join the AGE affinity network has helped shape our mission. Now we are looking to work on our objectives and see how we can collectively achieve them. The AGE affinity network is in its infancy but I have high hopes that we can make a positive impact. Having a blank page to create something for colleagues from colleagues is such a powerful opportunity. I can’t wait to work together with the AGE affinity group to achieve our objectives and help support those at all stages of their career within Aggregate Industries"

Natalie Thomas, Marketing Communications Manager & AGE Equality Network Lead