Segun's Story

"My colleagues asked me whether they were pronouncing my name in the right way. I shared with them how to say it, breaking it down - 'Olu-segun' and repeated it over and over again so everyone was pronouncing it correctly. I love that, although busy, they stopped, showed some interest and they wanted to get it right. They didn't expect me to come up with a simpler nickname which has been asked of me before in other places.  They showed genuine interest in me, my culture and background.

'Olu' means 'God' and 'Segun' means victorious so if you combine it you get God wins - the nearest equivalent name here is Godwin. The team calls me Segun. They have never asked me to make it simpler for them, I can be me and they understand the meaning behind my name and that feels really good."

Olusegun Odeniyi, Preventive Maintenance Manager- Cement